Our Focus

Kinled is a company which retains the assets of the Anglo-Austrian Aisher Family through direct investments in innovative businesses in the Life Science and Digital Technology sectors.

Our portfolio comprises more than 100 investments in the life science, digital, and financial technology industries which we have specialized in since 1995.


In 1924, the Aisher family founded Marley which they developed into a group of innovative manufacturing and retail businesses in the concrete building materials, plastics, automotive components, and retail industries. Over 75 years the family expanded the business to incorporate over 13,000 employees in 59 countries. Following Sir Owen Aisher’s death, the family and Kinled Holding Limited sold their participation when the company was acquired for $600M in 1999.

Kinled made additional investments in the 1970’s, including shareholding’s in General Shale, one of the largest brick manufacturers in the United States, which was acquired by Wienerberger in 1999 for $260M.; and MDL Marinas, today Europe’s largest marina group, which was sold onto the London Stock Exchange in 1985.

Today, in life sciences, we have a laser-focus on innovation in the biomedical technology, medical devices, bio pharmaceuticals, and healthcare services sectors, which represents over 50% of our portfolio.

In digital technologies, we invest in SaaS-enabled networks and marketplaces, where technology can democratize markets and provide consumers with greater choice of services.

In fintech, we invest in companies that use technology to challenge the traditional established institutions by providing superior service in embedded payment platforms, insurance, real estate, lending and banking.

Our Portfolio

A privately owned holding company with investments in the life sciences, digital and financial technology sectors. 


Kinled welcomes sophisticated family-office investors to co-invest with us in academic/scientific projects and nascent technologies. This can be through direct equity participation in both regulated and unregulated investment vehicles such as our Vienna and Zürich-based accelerators Danube Labs and MountainLabs, or investing through our regulated Gibraltar-based fund,  CEBINA Bridge Capital.

Kinled Holding is a Partner in four dedicated life science investment companies based in Boston, Vienna, Monte Carlo, and Zurich, with combined Assets under Management of $250M, and two specific digital technology Funds based in Vienna and London with combined Assets under Management of €225M

Kinled Holding and the Aisher Family have long believed in fostering academic projects to become commercial businesses. We have proudly funded early stage businesses in Austria and Switzerland that originated in Universities such as Zürich, Bern, Fribourg, Geneva, Lausanne, Innsbruck, and Vienna and have a long-standing relationship with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and the University of Vienna. 


In the United States, we funded early stage businesses that originated in Universities from Boston, Cambridge, Harvard, Houston, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Michigan, New York, Northeastern, San Diego, San Francisco, to Stanford. In Europe Kinled portfolio firms were created with technology from Universities such as Aix-Marseille, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Helsinki, Linköping, London, Paris, Pecs, and Utrecht.


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Co-investment opportunities

Today all our investments are processed through three independently-managed incubator/accelerators that Kinled is a founder shareholder in, and one EU regulated fund, and one unregulated investment company, that we manage:

Danube Labs brings together CEBINA’s strength in scientific innovation and entrepreneurship, with Evotec’s industry-leading drug discovery and development expertise to accelerate academic life science research projects with a focus on Central and Eastern European Universities and Research Institutes.

Mountain Labs is Switzerland’s first full service search lab, start-up incubator and investment facilitator, sourcing new investment opportunities and bridging the gap between entrepreneurs and capital finance.

Cebina The Central European Biotech Incubator & Accelerator at the University of Vienna’s Campus Biotech, supports innovative biotechnology companies focused on inflammation, neurology and ageing. 

Cebina Bridge Capital is an EU AIFMD regulated fund whose objective is to provide absolute return to Participating Shareholders by investing in pharmaceutical drug discovery and biotech projects in Central and Eastern Europe.


Opportunistic Limited Partners, a professionally managed unregulated private investment company, administered by Landmark Management SAM in Monte Carlo, seeking to produce long-term returns through later-stage/pre-IPO life science opportunities, balanced by a conservative portfolio of residential real estate and public equities.

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